Meg Stuart

a break in the quarantine blues  a study of  aloneness  what can give the sensation of home and connection however fleeting... ?
maybe we are all losers  the goal has moved indefinitely  who can say let’s keep dreaming and playing together

where were we ?
a luminous white no place
half moon desert half simulated ski holiday on an unknown planet

i experienced this movement of clouds as operatic sublime and unpredictable  with everyday new variations
what does it mean to disappear in the middle of things?
how to give those shut in an experience of this place?

collaborating with clouds
to have access to that 360° view
i felt falling into the sky
we often said let’s not get used to this place

third dimension experience shifting to the fifth dimension  the tilt  the curve  bending towards adapting to new time values  a release and a surrender shifting to a new gravity

Gradient based on live data: Berlin, . Temperature: 6.3°, Pressure: 1004.9, Humidity: 69.6. Air Quality Index (AQI): co 0.1, no2 22.9, o3 13, pm10 20, pm25 53.